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AGC(The Associated General Contractors of America) l  www.agc.org
AIA(The American Institute of Architects) l  www.aia.org
AIPM(Australian Institute of Project Management) l  www.aipm.com.au
ASCE(American Society of Civil Engineers) l  www.asce.org
CCIA(China Construction Industry Association) l  www.zgjzy.org
CIOB(Chartered Institute of Building) l  www.ciob.org
CMAA(Construction Management Association of Americ l  www.cmaanet.org
CMAJ(Construction Management Association of Japan) l  www.cmaj.org
ENR(Engineering News Record) l  enr.construction.com
FIDIC(International Federation of Consulting Engin l  www.fidic.org
GSA(General Services Administration) l  www.gsa.gov
IAMPI(Ikatan Ahli Manajemen Proyek Indonesia) l  iampi.org
ICPMA(International Construction Project Managemen l  www.icpma.net
IPMA(International Project Management Association) l  www.ipma.ch
NSPE(National Society of Professional Engineers) l  www.nspe.org
PMA(Project Management Associates) l  www.pma-india.org
PMI(Project Management Institute) l  www.pmi.org
PMRC(Project Management Research Committee) l  www.pm.org.cn
SPM(Society of Project Managers) l  www.sprojm.org.sg
VE(Value Engineering) l  www.value-eng.com